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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorry haven't been posting lately, been doing my homework & going out ;D.

Nothing special happened lately, i'll just tell you about today;
we had a humanities incursion it was so boring, but i guess it is better than doing work.
after that i went to braybrook college to meet up with friends then sat down & talked
i went to sunshine station to just take my friend there & got back on the highpoint bus back home
saw my friends again, so random
basically today was a awesome day (Y)

just discovered i have sunburnt on my left shoulder like wtf?!, more chances of skin cancer now ):

well today twilovers are probably at the cinemas lining up to watch new moon;
i think im gonna watch it in 2 weeks because im not THAT crazy about twilight: LOL
then after that watch a dance performance: that my friend is in
i already bought the ticket cost $15 now im dead broke :S
no more going out

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