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nice weather = fun day ;D
Monday, November 2, 2009

st kilda beach 8)

today was cindy/giselle's bday party @ hp. It was alright passed the time, we watched astro boy it was pretty boring just mucked around. If only we watch 'saw' forgot what number. We were being such rebels kept changing cinemas to watch Michael Jackson 'This is It', it was alright just singing & dancing. gosh i love him more. Me & my friends bought friendship necklaces & bracelets (yn). On the way home, my friend kept trying to blackmail me such suicide, hopefully she comes city with me next week. Well tomorrow is Melbourne Cup, i think im gonna bet on Viewed since its so popular. I need some money asap!. Only 3 days of school for this week ;D, so happy about that. Next Weekend im gonna go beach, & tan.

nts: remember about sun safety :L

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