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Thursday, November 5, 2009

My day was good, had fun-ish subjects. So glad tomorrow is end of the week, so tired these days. In p.e today so funny, we were looking @ each others pupils to see the size. Most of our eyes were normal except my friend Cindy, her one was huge we started ROFL-ING & called her a cat. When we went outside it turned really small, we all started freaking out. LOL, she is a very smart person showing me random tricks that was so like unrealistic, Fuckkkk hate hiccups just got one atm, well today glee & my favourite show 'beauty and the geek' is on, cant wait. After school friend persuaded me to go sunshine station again, it wasnt as bad because the bus to highpoint was already waiting, saved alot of time. Not as much pedos as the other day. Eating chips 2 days in a row, is not as delicious.

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