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i guess today was a good day
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

today i completed my maths test, mostly copying my friend, but still good enough, we had boring subjects but time flew by fast. After school i went to bbc's fish & chips shop, tasty but over the damn chips. i wish it was weekends by now, school bores the shit out of me. D: got a damn italian test tomorrow 1st period. fml, 'The city' & gossip girl 2 just came out on dvds but i have no money, shattering time to save up. Oyeah i went to sunshine station for no good reasons, just for my friend to get the train home, so much pedos & perverted guys there. I was just on a bus ride home, when i noticed a old man looking @ my legs i was like wtf?!/ freaking & shit the bus kept getting empty & emptier. Then this guy from the milkbar, comes in he literally stinked like shit. Just when it came to my busstop i saw the hot guy that works @ playtime havent seen him in ages, i was being such a retard not standing up straight coz the bus was moving & was slanted. I was trying to act like a nice girl saying thankyou when i got off because the hottie was looking.
Thats all from today.

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