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what a fucked weekend D+
Sunday, November 1, 2009

Damn halloween partying.
well first of all my weekend started off as alright, completed my assignment, effing nice weather then i came home from my cousin's house like around 11:10. Was on the internet until around 11:40. Then fuck this loud car skidding sound, bam hit through my gate & trees. Just inches from the living room, i was shitting myself. Everyone in the neighborhood rushed out to see what had happened. It was our neighbor that lived across the road from us, he was driving really fast & i guess he lost control. Someone called the police, it came like 10 mins after. My dad was even considering letting him off, i was like are u fucking serious, so much conflict would happen if he did that. Lucky the police came & sorted everything out. He had to go with the police to get a alcohol test & he has to pay the insurance for our fence & gates. I hope he learnt his lesson.
Well today i have to go church soon, what a drainer.
Tomorrow a birthday party, gonna be fun.
On Tuesday is Melbourne Cup, choose some horses to bet on.
Back to school; 33 dtgs till summer holidays

my idol; christofer drew (nevershoutnever!)

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