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gay highpoint
Sunday, August 2, 2009

well today i came to church and after that sandra took me straight to highpoint. I had to help her find Thien a 1st month anniversary thingy. We were so tight, we were like umm what size should we should get him LOL. We waited for Brandon very long so we decided to go on the internet shit, it was alright passed the time anyways. Then Thien, Eric, Ash, Linh came. Oyeah and i was so shattered missing WWE today but then i went to Bigw and there it was on every screen there. So i stayed back, watched it all but stupid gay Thien dragged everyone away so i was alone :( how sad, it was worth it anyways. It was pretty boring being at hp for 7 hours and 30 min well 10:30 - 5.
thats all for now cheerio.

this pic looks like jeff hardy is getting owned but dw he won yayers!

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