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cant believe a blog D:
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how gay is this starting a blog, i was inspired to make one by these 3 people Vivian, Alex Evans and Mischa Barton.
Well today it was kinda shit and kinda funny. i had food tech at period 1 & 2, awesome we made 'banana, apricot & sultanas patty cakes'. It wasn't that nice though too banana-rey.
In Italian it was so hilarious my friend got aggro at me for not going guys campus with her LOL, well its a very long story, cbf explaining -  im a very boring person. 
Ended up going anyways, nothing special happened. Walked home very slowly because some how i was so tired and i never like walking home in school shoes.
Oyeah, i learnt how to do the sprinkler. chyeah! :O

nts: (yn) go boys campus with Amy on Thursday & Friday 

random pic LOL :P

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