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Monday, July 9, 2012

I've resorted to the site, known as Tumblr for personal blogging.
That will be where I shall hopefully be posting more frequently, enjoy.
So long blogspot x


Purchases from a day of shopping.
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, I had no school so I used that day to go for a quick shop around Highpoint. Only had about $100 to spend, but that's alright considering it's currently the mid year sale and I'm use to spending on a budget anyways. Sorry it's on iPhone quality but good enough :) I don't have my camera in my possession at the moment.

Midnight Blue Velvet Clutch - Dotti $10 
Leopard shoulder bag/handbag - Sportsgirl $30 
Copper/Mirror Headband - Sportsgirl $5 
Copper/Mirror Necklace - Colette $10
Studded Gold Headband - Colette $4.50 
Triangle Earrings - Colette $2.50 (not pictured) 
Royal Blue Watch - Diva $6
Royal Blue Cross Ring - Diva $3
Teal Peplum Shirt - Cotton On $10 (not pictured)
Rose Earrings - Equip $7

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

001. 2 weeks ago my hard drive died, it literally burned out a day before my 'big' History assignment was due. As a result I had to spend my whole day at State Library, right until it was closed. In the end, I completed my English book review and left the History untouched. Proving how much I despise the subject as a whole, or the preliminary work that's included but let's just say when my History exam is over, I'm going to be a happy chap.

002. RIP - My three year old hard drive; goodbye Windows Xp, goodbye slow everything, goodbye shitty memory space. Hello to my better replacement that provides a greater memory space and Windows 7 premium. Unluckily, I lost all my music and I cannot seem to transfer all my songs via my iPod. So I shall begin from scratch, currently have two songs in total. What a life.

003. I've chosen a phone to begin saving for, it's the Nokia Lumia 800 in cyan blue. Although the reviews of the below than average battery life is slightly deterring me from it. Okay, maybe I just like it for the appearance but I'll see, I have a feeling I might change my indecisive mind. Sometimes, I cannot believe I survived almost 3 years without a phone, I think I deserve a medal.

004. Saturday day/night spent the day with my girlies in horrible Melbourne weather. Went shopping during the day, the mid year sale was going on so I made a few purchases. Then made our way to a reservation at New Quay buffet that served nice seafood, I loved the salmon, no joke it was on my plate for every serving. I had about 5 dishes in total, it definitely kept me full for the duration of the night. After that we made our way back to our own turf, to go watch a movie. Initially we were going to watch Men in Black 3, but due to the session times we watched the movie, Safe. It was basically full of fighting scenes but the storyline was pretty basic. I give it a 6.5/10, I'm a hard critic.

005. Okay, finished all my exams for Semester 1. First was my Biology exam which occurred on Tuesday, I was told by my subject teacher that I got over 80%. Extremely happy about that, I love Bio but I doubt I'm going to continue it. Today I had exams all day, Art was in the morning. I think I'll get an average mark considering I was unable to finish the last essay in time. Second, was my dreaded history exam. I hardly studied for it probably resulting to shit results. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if I got a very low, it was that bad. Lastly ended the day with the Maths exam, I think I JUST past. I'm not confident whatsoever. I got to prepare myself better for the next exam, I'm such a crammer that it's not even funny. Wait... it's only Year 10, go with the flow.

Soon to be Sixteen.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Truth is, I'm not going to be doing the challenge. Which is real obvious in my actions.

Tonight is my last night of being fifteen years of age, I can't actually believe I'm going to be sixteen tomorrow. Average people are normally ecstatic to be this day of age or even for their general birthdays, but I'm not exactly. It's weird, maybe it's just the way I was brought up. No party is in plan for my 'sweet sixteen', just a chill day with my girlies on the weekend. Just the way I like it.

Woops, missed a day.
Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Period 1 & 2: 
All of the history students had to participate in a history competition, I think it's just to find out how knowledgeable school students are about the history of Australia. The test was made up of only multiple choice questions, so it was fairly simple. But I tended to over analyse the sheet of sources and ended up not finishing the test. Meh, doesn't get graded anyways.
Period 3 & 4: 
Had Recreation and Leisure, pretty enjoyable since we spent the time doing a ZUMBA class. Comprised of dancing + toning and all you do is follow the instructor. It was fun at the time but I think I prefer yoga better. Next class we're going walking, I have no idea where the destination is but I'm going to miss this subject :(
Period 5 & 6:
Spent the fifth period preparing and revising for the test that was occurring the very next period. Had hardly any stress about this test because it was only on four exercises but I got to admit the test wasn't easy. Maybe because I'm bad at maths but at least I'm sure I've passed.
After school: 
My first detention of the year because I had four lates but when really I had about six however the time flew by in detention. I love how this year all you do is private studies, at least no more of that diary rules bs.

Starting Now.
Monday, May 28, 2012

I shall begin the challenge now, as homework is progressing to exam revision. Which is something I can handle, but on another subject the Social theme is finally concreted. The theme is to dress as a celebrity or as yourself and it's set as a red carpet event. I doubt I'm going to choose to dress as a celebrity but the weird thing about the theme is that it's based on school grounds. Like who would want to rock up all formally dressed to school? That's the only downside. Time to begin the search for a dress. I'm getting mildly inspired by mermaids and sequins, which is shown in this editorial.

Missing In Action:
Monday, May 14, 2012

I am the definition of MIA. 
It's been a long while.. wow I feel repetitive. To be honest, I don't have the same aspiration for blogging as I use to. Once upon a time, blogging would usually cross my mind 2-5 times per day because I had a natural tendency of relating everything to my blog. It was weird, especially when thinking back to it. But now I don't even think about my blog. Right until I see the icon bookmarked on my browser.
I feel guilt for not updating because that was my whole purpose; to keep track of my life - in general (even though nothing important happens). But then again, I've lost the motive to continue on with my old blogging ways.

So in total opposite context, I've given myself the challenge to update every single day for 2 weeks, beginning tomorrow sometime soon (heh). By the end of that, I'll surely know what I'll want to do with this blog of mine. But if I don't follow through, then I'll need some form of punishment. I don't know, you tell me.

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